Everybody Who Knows Me LS


In April 2004, a rumor that Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was gay was quickly discovered to be a hoax. When asked about it by a reporter, Vick delivered a classic quote in assuring everyone that the rumor was false: “Come on, man. I mean, you know, we all know that was a straight bogus e-mail, man. Somebody on the internet playing around, doing what they're doing, got nothing else to do better with their time, man. It's something I won't even feed into, man. Everybody who knows me knows how I get down. I ain't even got to go no further with that. You know what I'm saying. I'm looking forward to, you know, doing other things. Man, it's not even an issue.”

NOTE: Men's long-sleeved t-shirts are printed on the Gildan 2400, and women's are on the Bella 6500. For sizing information, see our FAQs. The silver Off the Chest logo is printed on the top of the back of the shirt.