Child Please Long-Sleeved


Somewhere in the mind of Chad Ochocinco, a phrase was created that made its way into the NFL lexicon. Only Ochocinco could explain what the phrase means: “I need to hear the things that they say I can’t do anymore. ‘He’s done, he’s washed up, he’s getting old.’ Child please. ‘Child please’ is a nice way of telling someone, you know, ‘fuck you.’ I really don’t need to explain this to you, but if I say it with some oomph, that’s like, man, ‘fuck you too,’ you feel me? Try it, man, that shit works.”

NOTE: Men's long-sleeved t-shirts are printed on the Gildan 2400, and women's are on the Bella 6500. For sizing information, see our FAQs. The silver Off the Chest logo is printed on the top of the back of the shirt.